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Case study

Building a startup on YouTube

Watch me build and launch a complete startup product from scratch on YouTube


Designing the OS for Farming

How to focus with a small team and a big vision on request

UX storytelling for a an online media platform

How to lead your team (without telling them what to do) on request

Curriculum design at the University of Michigan

What I learned about teaching product design, plus tips for new teachers on request

Most of my client projects can't be shared publicly. More work samples available on request.
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How to get unstuck (for product designers)

A big list of things to try when you’re out of ideas

"You're a natural, kid"—How to spot design talent

The four least-teachable traits of great designers

The books I recommend to designers

What to read when you’re learning (or struggling with) design

Using design to make hard life choices

Step one: literally put your priorities in order

Coming soon

UI Design: Common mistakes and easy fixes

The checklist I used to create a design for a successful startup on request

The 17-point design health checklist

17 things all great design teams do on request

Feedback 101

How to ask for feedback--and how to give it on request

What design leaders actually do all day

The 13 roles of great managers on request

My advice to new teachers

Three things I learned creating a course at the University of Michigan on request

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Designing a prototype in 15 minutes

A rapid run-through of user journey mapping and minimal UI design

UX design for startups

A glimpse at lean product design methods

Piano hacking and creative flow

Music tools for intuitive improvisation

Just for fun

Some of the side projects I've designed, coded, and launched on my own:

  • Shuffleboard - Tool for helping teams run amazing live meetings. Shuffleboard is an work-in-progress, and the my entire process is recorded on YouTube!
  • Firefly - Open-source Javascript app-development boilerplate and guide
  • Turing 9000 - A retro-styled, skeuomorphic Turing Machine emulator
  • Dobby - A to-do list that lives in your email inbox
  • Wanderkind - Gifts that inspire exploration and discovery
  • Typewriter - Typewriter simulator with realistic sound and animation

for early stage

Lean product design

I design products in rapid learn/build/test cycles, helping startups find product-market fit

Build your product

for growth stage

Scaling design teams

Give your team the skills they need to make your product shine

Grow your design team