Building a startup on YouTube

I'm designing, building, and launching a startup product by myself—and recording every minute on YouTube

Having been part of a fast-growing YC startup, I wanted to show what the early days of making a product is actually like—so I building a startup product myself and filming the entire process.

Each video is a couple hours long, and shows both my face and my screen as I work. So far, I've done user research with real users, designed a low-fidelity prototype, written a full app in JavaScript, and launched a private beta. There are around 30 sessions with about 70 hours of work.

Like in any startup, there's a rollercoaster of ups and downs. The visual brand was designed in a couple hours, but figuring out how to secure the database took almost a week. There are moments where I'm having a blast, moments where I want to give up, and lots of hours where nothing much happens at all.

If this project sparks your interest, you can follow along on the playlist page or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

And don't forget to check out the product! Shuffleboard is a tool to help teams run collaborative meetings.

Note: these videos show the *complete* process—they are very long, and largely unedited. Check each video's title and description so you can find the parts you're most interested in (or just skip around randomly). I recommend watching on 1.5x speed.

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